Harbour at The Duck Room

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Blueberry Hill Duck Room | St. Louis, Missouri


Do you feel the storm coming? Do you feel the hype in the air? Missouri is impatiently waiting for the musical tornado that is coming its way: the one and only Harbour! The whole of Blueberry Hill Duck Room shaking from the accords of Harbour. A crowd singing like one, experiencing a performance of a lifetime. This is what awaits you and thousands of other fans from all around the country on Thursday 30th November 2023 - a night of epic proportions, extreme talent, a night when musical dreams will become reality. Get your ticket and take your gang to the unrivaled gig of 2023!

Can you think of anything that beat the amount of excitement that you feel after you secure your ticket to see your favorite Harbour live. Blood rushing, a smile stretching across your face, you can already imagine hearing your favorite songs, you can feel the melody. Blueberry Hill Duck Room is the ideal place to meet other fellow Harbour fanatics. The smashing atmosphere will let you meet fellow Harbour lovers and meet many new friends to share this experience with. From waiting in line to getting a drink at the many refreshment bars around the venue, you’ll have many chances to share your love for Harbour with other fellow fans. And what a better place to meet new friends than Blueberry Hill Duck Room, Missouri’s favorite venue! It’s enough to say that Blueberry Hill Duck Room loves country music and has created everything a country fan could possibly want. So the talent on stage won’t be the only reason to love your visit to Blueberry Hill Duck Room, because they also offer perks that will make your Thursday a special one.

Harbour at Blueberry Hill Duck Room

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