The Duck Room

The internationally-renowned Duck Room is a rocking live music venue that hosts several vents each week. It’s also known as the place where music history happens. One of their biggest claims to fame is how Rock & Rll father, Chuck Berry, performed at the venue over 200 times across his career.

It is a St. Louis Landmark that offers great food and world-class music ever since 1972. It’s known for mouth-watering burgers, delicious soups, salads with fresh ingredients, and a fully loaded bar with over 18 draft choices. And if you love pop culture memorabilia, it’s got hundreds of display cases ready to check out and admire. You can even enjoy video games, pinball, darts, and a photo-booth that’s popular with families and couples. And we can’t forget the venue’s DUck Room is their live performance space.


The venue first opened on September 8, 1972. At the time, St. Louis’s Delmar Loop neighborhood wasn’t in the best condition. So the venue owners wanted to create a welcoming place that was all about music, pop-culture, and great food. It was intended to be a place where conversation was easy and recreation was an enjoyable part of the experience.

Within a week, the place quickly became a part of revitalizing the Delmar Loop area.

And it began humbly, with a hot dog machine and an excellent beer selection. Then in 1974, they added a tiny kitchen that gave them room for a gril to cook their world famous burgers.

But none of the features of this original bar were as beloved as the Seeburg Jukebox it had from day one. As it turns out, the owners had a collection of 30,000 records that were swapped in and out. The goal here was to give guests the chance to hear music that didn’t see play in other establishments. And this variety kept guests coming back just to check out tunes that they may have never heard of. In fact, the jukebox drew crowds in from all over the country and it was named #1 Jukebox in the US Billboard and Esquire and #1 in the world by the BBC.

Don’t Miss These Attractions!

While you’re at The Duck Room, make sure you take time to check out these attractions.

    The Chuck Berry Statue is a historic 8-foot statue of the Father of Rock & Roll, St. Louis native Chuck Berry. The statue depicts him doing his famous Duck Walk
    Along the sidewalks of The Loop are over 150 brass stars and biographical plaques that honor famous St. Louisans like Nelly, Tennessee Williams, and Tina Turner.

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