Everyone coming out to The Duck Room wants to enjoy great food, great music, and the Rock and Roll atmosphere. But to make sure that everyone can enjoy the show, there are certain rules you have to follow. Read on to discover these rules and please follow them. Failure to abide by these rules may result in expulsion from the venue without refund.

If you have any questions, you may call The Duck Room at 314.727.4444.

Accessibility Policy

All shows at Blueberry Hill in the Duck Room are wheelchair accessible via an elevator in the Piano Room hallway. (Please call 24 hours in advance to coordinate.) A small percentage of shows are in the Elvis Room, which is not accessible.

If you have any ADA-accommodation needs, then please contact the box office in advance. It’s recommended that you call at least 2 weeks before the show to discuss your needs and see if the venue can help.

Camera Policy

Camera policy is dependent on the needs of the visiting performer. This means that some shows may allow photos and non-professional recordings while others do not. Please read the event description to check. If an event description does not state a policy, please call the venue to find out what you need to know.

COVID-19 Related Policy

Guests must show proof of either full COVID 19 vaccination or a professionally-administered negative diagnostic test within the previous 72 hours. 

Proof of COVID 19 vaccination or a professionally-administered (physician, clinic, pharmacy, etc.) negative COVID 19 diagnostic test can be a physical paper copy or a snapshot on your mobile device, along with a matching photo ID, to display upon admission. Antibody or self-administered at home tests will not be accepted.

Pertinent information on COVID 19 documents must be fully visible and match your photo ID. Proof of negative COVID 19 diagnostic test must contain the name/information of the company that performed the test, the patient’s name, the date of the test, and the result of the test.

Please contact The Duck Room office at 314.727.4444 for any questions relating to current COVID-19 related policy.

Lost and Found Policy

If you lost something at the venue then please call 314.727.4444 after the event to check if anything was found or turned in. You may also ask staff about the lost and found section.

Please be sure to give your complete contact information as well as a detailed description of your lost item(s). The Duck Room and staff are not responsible for lost items.

Mask Policy

Masks are required in the venue until you are seated and actively eating.
Please contact The Duck Room office at 314.727.4444 for any questions relating to current COVID-19 related mask policy

Prohibited Items

These following items are not allowed in the venue for any reason:

  • Bottles, Cans, Coolers & Liquid Containers
  • Chains, rope, or any similar item
  • Outside Food & Beverage (Including Alcohol)
  • Illegal Substances
  • Fireworks & Other Projectiles
  • Recording Devices, Video Equipment
  • Electronic Devices
  • Weapons of any Type (Including Pocket Knives & Firearms)
  • Large Chains & Studded Bracelets
  • Laser Pointers & Aerosol Cans
  • Noise-making devices (i.e. horns, whistles, air horns, cymbals, bugles, thunder sticks, etc.)
  • Large Banners, Signs, Sticks & Stickers
  • Two-Wheeled Motorized Devices
  • Other Items as Required by Event Promoters

These could be subject to change per the artist request. The venue reserves the right to adjust the items on this list.

The Duck Room reserves the right to search anyone, and their belongings, who enter the premises.

Re-Entry/Entry Policy

Generally, re-entry is not allowed. Please don’t leave the venue until you are ready to go home. If you have an exceptional circumstance, please seek help from the north or south information desks.

Smoking Rules

The Duck Room is a non-smoking facility. This includes but is not limited to marijuana, cigarettes, vapes, and e-cigs.

Ticket Policies:
Read the The Duck Room Tickets information page for rules and ticket policies of our recommended ticket marketplace.